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What is CapsSPOT?

Ans : "CapsSPOT" - A Next Generation SPOT Trading Platform where any registered client can buy/sell and execute real time bullion trading electronically on a real time basis.

Is CapsSPOT a commodity exchange?

Ans : No, CapsSPOT is not a commodity exchange. It is an electronic bullion trading platform, introduced to facilitate physical delivery of bullion commodities.

Who can register as clients of CapSPOT?

Ans : Only real time trading companies/firms can register as clients for CapSPOT. Real time trading companies/firms are those who are registered under the companies act.

Can individuals register/trade at CapsSPOT?

Ans : No. Only registered companies/business firms can register as clients of CapsSPOT. Individuals: Click here to buy gold/silver.

How to register as a client/open an account at CapsSPOT?

Ans : Opening an account at CapsSPOT is very simple and easy. Click here for further details.

What is security margin/deposit? Is it refundable? How does it help?

Ans : Security margin/deposit is an amount to be paid by the client at the time of opening CapsSPOT account. Yes, it is refundable. The security margin defines your trading restrictions.

What is the minimum security margin*/deposit? What quantities can I trade over a minimum margin?

Ans : The minimum margin would be INR 2,00,000/- (2 lakh only). With this the client is allowed to trade either up to 1kilogram/1lot of Gold or 05kilograms of Silver.

What is unique about CapsSPOT?

Ans : "CapsSPOT" - A Next Generation SPOT Trading Platform designed on the basis of customer's requirements and their need for user friendly application. It provides real time market feeds, international spot prices, news & views and a structured delivery mechanism, enhancing user experience and providing utmost transparency in operations.


What are the trade hours?

Ans : Trading hours are as follows: MON- FRI: 10.00am to 11.30pm SAT: 10.00am to 02.00pm

What are value dates*?

Ans : Value dates are described as a situation where if a registered client trades at CapsSPOT, there is a specific date cut off given where the delivery has to be lifted. It is generally described as T+2 or T+3. It means trading plus two/three working days. An exclusive table regarding the value dates are mentioned below:

Trading Day

Due Day/Day the delivery has to be lifted


Note: Please note that Sundays/Working Holidays are not exempt (under special conditions) in the calculation of value days. (At the discretion of management)

All trade quantities must be lifted on the value date; failing will a penalty would be applicable.

*Subject to change.

Click here for further information.

What are bid & ask rates?

Ans : Bid Rate: Bid rate is the rate at which the registered clients can sell bullion to CapsGold. Ask Rate: Ask rate is the rate at which CapsGold intends to sell bullion to its registered clients.

What is buy order?

Ans : Buy order is a specific rate to buy a specific quantity at CapsSPOT placed by the registered clients.
*All buy orders are subject to only that trading day.

What is sell order?

Ans : Sell order is a specific rate to sell a specific quantity at CapsSPOT placed by the registered clients.
*All sell orders are subject to only that trading day.

Can buy/sell orders be cancelled /modified?

Ans : Yes, registered clients can cancel/modify buy or sell orders until they aren’t executed. Once the market closes all buy/sell pending orders (orders which are not executed) will be cancelled by default.

Is there any commission levied upon the trades at CapsSPOT while lifting the delivery?

Ans : No, there is no commission levied. Goods are delivered/ purchased at the rates which are traded.

Are the rates fixed after the trades?

Ans : Yes, the rates would be fixed after trades are done. Market rate fluctuations do not affect the trades.

Is TAX/VAT included or excluded on the rates displayed at CapsSPOT?

Ans : It particularly depends upon the delivery centre/ location. Click here (Contract specifications) for further details.

Can clients sell back goods have been previously purchased at CapsGold?

Ans : Yes, if the goods are in our vault. If a client wishes to sell goods which are already lifted it should be organised through a registered vaulting agencies.*
*At the discretion of the management.

Can I withdraw funds from my trading account at any given point of time?

Ans : Yes, subject to a 1day prior written intimation to the management.


What all modes of payment does CapsGold accept for CapsSPOT clients?

Ans :


Bank Transfer


Is Credit Card Accepted as a mode of payment for CapsSPOT clients?

Ans : No, we do not accept credit card as a payment mode for CapsSPOT clients.

Can my security margin/deposit be adjusted for taking delivery at any point of time?

Ans : No, the security margin cannot be adjusted for delivery at any given point of time.


Can CapsGold store my metal purchases?

Ans :Yes, subject to clearance of funds, CapsGold can store your metal purchases for any number of days at no extra charges.

TRADING HOURS: 9:15 AM - 11:15 PM (MON - FRI) | 10:15 AM - 2:15 PM (SAT)